Technology that powers your business Empower your business with the right tools to accept and manage online payments efficiently
Accept payments through multiple channels
1 Website Collect payments real-time on your website from across the globe using
the widest bouquet of payment options
2 Phone CCAvenue PhonePay (I.V.R.S.)
Reach out to 700+ million KSA
phone customers
CCAvenue PhonePay CCAvenue PhonePay
3 In-App Payment gateway that seamlessly integrates into your app, be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows platform
In-App Payments
4 Email / SMS Invoice Payment System
Send automated, itemized invoices
through email or sms and collect
payments online
Invoice Payments System
5 Social Network Social Network In-stream Payments
Collect payments in-stream across
Social Networks Instantly
CCavenue SNIP CCavenue SNIP
6 Offline Media QR Code
Generate QR Code and Simply
scan it using your smartphone to
make Online Purchases
QR Code
Recognition for excellence Superbrands 2023 Leadership in Indian Digital Payments Ecospace BEST BFSI Brands 2022 Economic Times Best BFSI brands 2022 Best Digital Payment Facilitator Drivers of Digital Awards & Summit 2023 Web & Mobile App Development Economic Times Entrepreneur Awards
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